Copperline face mask: effective against Covid-19 | Prof. John H. Lee explains his results

Erik Schäfer, Managing Director Copperline Europe: The question is: You applied the Sars-CoV-2 virus to the Copperline material. So what happened The virus, as we understand it, has been killed or disabled.

Professor John H. Lee, Jeonbuk University: Fortunately, it looks like the 22% [copper] with the 3D textile structure of this mask is the most efficient way of protecting against this Covid-19 virus as far as I can tell.

I think the structure makes everything possible. 49 and 60% [copper] do not have this structure at all. These are only coated on the surface of the mask, so that the effect only comes from the copper. But this one, 22% of the textile, has a 3D structure with a large part of the space penetrated by this copper. It extends in abundance over the mask, which can trap the virus particle, and then this virus particle becomes trapped on that surface. And now the copper can act on it. The copper will efficiently kill this virus particle with this structure.

ES: Not everyone knows why copper kills viruses - or how copper kills viruses. Can you explain this in one sentence to someone who is not so familiar with it?

JL: No problem, I'm a microbiologist, like I said, my background is the bacteria and the viruses. But I've studied a lot about copper. This DNA consists of two duplexes, and these are linked with a hydrogen bond, so that the DNA of the virus and the bacteria is destroyed. Copper is a strong metal, so it breaks this hydrogen bond, which destroys the DNA of the virus and bacteria. You know, if the DNA is destroyed, the cell cannot survive. The binding capacity of the copper effect is five times greater than that of other metals. As far as I know, copper has the best affinity for binding to the DNA molecules.

ES: That explains it very well for a person who is not so deeply rooted in the world of microbiology and copper expert science. Just one question: does copper wear down in its antimicrobial properties or can it be used again and again?

PL: [The mask has been tested] after washing 30 times, the mask maintains the copper concentration [from its initial state]. So you can use them over and over again.

ES: Have you come across any other mask that does the same thing, or is the copper wiring material the only one that protects this way at the moment?

PL: In my opinion, copper is the only one. The general mask has no bactericidal effect. That is the difference between this mask and the general mask. Copper actually kills the virus, this is the most important thing, the general mask does not have any bactericidal effect. It can protect, it can prevent, but it cannot kill the virus, that is the most important thing. In fact, the copper mask kills the virus.

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