Double-up strategy: US politicians lead new trend

In the current pandemic phase, more and more people are showing themselves with two masks. A medical mask with filter function and a mask for optics. The pictures of President Biden and the American chief virologist Dr. Fauci with a double mask went around the world. The new American Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg with his partner and the young poet Amanda Gorman, who stole the show at the inauguration ceremony of President Biden, also appear in public with two masks. What should we think of this new trend?


The reasoning is very simple: two masks are better than one. Dr. Anthony Fauci advocates double masking, the wearing of two face masks, because "it's just sensible," the president's medical adviser told NBC News Today. 

He's not wrong. Since wearing multiple masks will reduce the permeability of the face covering, it's more likely that it will protect you better from infectious airway droplets - just as wearing multiple jackets will keep you out of the cold. It's not just about common sense, though. The concept of double masking is backed by some scientific studies, and no, wearing two masks won't choke you.

The recommendation of Dr. Fauci comes against the backdrop of new mutations in SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 that are believed to be more transmissible than the primary strain of SARS-CoV-2. "We must now be more strict with our behaviors, including social distancing, minimizing travel to public places, avoiding indoor spaces and always wearing a mask." Ideally, the more layers, the better. Even if you wear a surgical mask that is sufficient according to the legal regulations for public spaces in Germany, you can benefit significantly from doubling.


Will wearing two masks make breathing difficult? 

 Wearing two masks shouldn't make breathing difficult, says American immunologist and microbiologist Andrea Love in an interview with NBC. Several studies have shown that wearing masks doesn't hinder oxygen consumption (even in adults over 65). "The size of an oxygen molecule is orders of magnitude smaller than the filter size of a mask," says Love, but the problem is, "A lot of people don't know the difference between discomfort and a real physiological effect." Even with two face masks, you are still well able to get the oxygen you need and breathe carbon dioxide out of your body. Wearing two masks may not feel comfortable at first. But a little discomfort is far better than contracting COVID-19 or being responsible for spreading the disease. 

We recommend the use of a surgical mask / FFP2 mask together with a copperline mask. This is because the filter function of the air you breathe is secured by the type of mask required by law and the Copperline mask also kills viruses and bacteria. There is hardly any better protection.

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