Copper is antiviral & antibacterial.
Scientific study confirms the effectiveness of the COPPERMASK

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Düsseldorf, October 13, 2020.
The corona virus continues to be dangerous and wearing mouth and nose masks is a must to protect yourself. So far, the main function of the majority of masks has been to protect others from infection, but the new generation of mouth and nose masks also protects the wearer from infection. The COPPERMASK uses a special copper thread that has the property of actively destroying viruses and bacteria. This has recently been confirmed by a comprehensive report by a renowned international research institute. “The positively charged copper ions dissolve the negatively charged protective shell of the virus. The cell cannot survive, ”says study leader Prof. John H. Lee from Jeonbuk National University, explaining the mode of action. This means that COPPERMASK has been proven to be a way of protecting yourself and others from infection with the Covid-19 virus


If conventional masks have become damp from the air they breathe, viruses can even survive in the material for up to seven days. Masks with copper thread like the COPPERMASK, on the other hand, work like a magnet that attracts viruses. So you can no longer get through to the wearer. At the same time, the process begins that dissolves the shell of the viruses and bacteria and makes them harmless within a short time. The copper braid itself cannot be seen or felt by the person wearing the mask, but it ensures maximum protection as viruses have no resistance or repair mechanisms.

Self-protection with an active mask is all the more important because people often do not have the opportunity to keep the necessary distance. This applies to situations in local public transport and heavily frequented inner city areas, among other things.

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About Copperline Europe
Copperline is the sales brand for the copper yarn products of the South Korean LSK Finetex Co. Ltd. The high-tech company has specialized in the production of medical textiles from high-quality copper ion yarn for more than ten years. Copperline Europe offers the COPPERMASK over
their online platform and through selected partners in stationary retail for sale.

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