about us

The Copperline team is a mix of experienced entrepreneurs, business angels, marketing and retail experts and young start-up graduates with unconventional approaches. This results in fresh ideas and new approaches to the market.

We have secured the sales license for Germany and Europe exclusively through contacts with Asian economic areas and have been supplying people with unrivaled mouth and nose protection that not only protects people in this pandemic, but also the wearer himself.


As a high-tech country, Korea is a leader in the development of technologies and has so far got through the pandemic without a lockdown. Years ago, our partners at LSK Finetex were the first in the world to develop a patented three-dimensional copper nanotechnology fabric that deactivates viruses against the background of an expected new SARS wave in Asia.

The lead time in development is enormous. For more than two years, analyzes have been made continuously and certificates are issued that prove the effectiveness of the masks. That gave us the good feeling of being able to offer you a mask that is of high quality, safe and, above all, harmless to health.

The antimicrobial effect of the mask was tested in state laboratories under high security conditions on "living" SARS CoV-2 coronaviruses from American cultures. The medical study at the Infectious Disease Research Institute of Jeonbuk National University confirms: It works!

And as for the environment: the mask is washable and environmentally friendly. The green technology certificate makes the mask so appealing to us because we have decided to set up Copperline Europe as a completely environmentally friendly company.