Copperline supports the RTL donation marathon



Our Charity board is proud that Copperline supports the RTL donation marathon and the "We help children" foundation. This important event, which has been led by moderator Wolfram Kons for 25 years, has now raised more than 180 million euros for children around the world. This year, of course, the topic of "Corona" is the top priority, and among other things the focus is on special campaigns for children in Germany and Europe who are particularly suffering from the effects of the pandemic.

We support on several levels:

  • Regardless of the income from the masks, we will donate an amount at the start of the collection campaign on November 19, 2020
  • we provided the event with material resources in November
  • At the same time, we started an appeal for donations to our customers and created the possibility in our shop to donate a sum of money for the "We help children" campaign when purchasing the mask
  • As a thank you for our customers' donations, we give up to € 5 per mask in addition to the customer's donation

At RTL, 100% of the money goes directly to donation purposes, the broadcaster bears all costs. Click on the RTL logo to go directly to the action.  




We are taking concrete measures to support projects that have been subject to particular challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic. We do this according to the motto “Think global - act local”. In every European country we will use the funds raised there to support them. To this end, we have appointed a charity board that decides once a quarter which organizations will be supported.

The charity board consists of:

Jürgen Hingsen, three-time world champion in the decathlon, who is particularly committed to sports. As an "Elder Statesman" in top-class sport, he unites different directions of sport like no other with his supreme discipline decathlon. Jürgen is strongly committed to young athletes who cannot train due to the Corona situation and see their Olympic preparations for 2021 at risk.

Joachim von Beesten, Managing Director of the Björn Steiger Foundation e.V. The foundation's motto is “We help save lives”. Active in emergency rescue for 50 years, the foundation faces particular challenges in combating sudden cardiac death and improving the 112 emergency number in times of corona. Joachim sees his commitment on the board for all topics related to emergency and rescue tasks due to the special challenges posed by the pandemic.

In the coming months, the board will be supplemented by leading figures from public life at European level.

We look forward to suggestions for funding purposes on our e-mail address info (at)

In addition to the RTL donation marathon, the funding topics include a wide range of sports, topics related to health, CoVid-19 research and vaccines, digitization in schools and special situations for schoolchildren, climate-relevant topics and sustainability goals of the UN, as well as topics of equality and diversity.


Climate neutral company

It is particularly important to us that we are a climate-neutral company. We do it where we can keep our ecological footprint small. Where this is not possible, we offset our emissions. As a member of the EUTEC European Technology Chamber, we follow the Climate Action concept: measurement, reduction, compensation, communication. We plant trees for the proportion of CO2that we cannot prevent.

As a company, we continue to pursue the sustainability goals of the United Nations. You can find more information about the sustainability goals on this website of the federal government.


17 Nachhaltigkeitsziele der Vereinten Nationen



Last but not least, it is particularly important to us at Copperline to be committed to the issues of diversity, equality and inclusion. This includes the categories of age, gender, nationality, origin, ethnicity, skin color, cultural identity, sexual orientation and identity as well as people with disabilities.

For us, diversity and diversity are a matter of course. Therefore we would like to live and exemplify our Copperline understanding of diversity company-wide and as ambassadors in the world within the scope of our possibilities.