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Statement on the current regulation of the federal government regarding the wearing of FFP2 masks 

Dear Copperline Community in Germany,

Due to the recent announcement by the federal government of a stricter ordinance on wearing masks, we have received a large number of inquiries on this topic in the past few days.

Please note our following statement: Politicians only have certified MNS / OP masks (whose certification only relates to protection when breathing out, but not when breathing in) and certified FFP2 / KN95 / N95 masks (whose certification only relates to the Protection when inhaling, but not when exhaling), approved for use on buses and trains as well as when shopping. In Bavaria only masks of the latter category are allowed.

Even if the Copperline mask protects both when inhaling and exhaling - and also kills all viruses and bacteria (which none of the approved masks can do) - we are too innovative and too new for the European authorities to have a separate category for the Certification of our type mask. We have therefore decided to have an insert filter certified, which is also inserted into the mask and thus turns the mask into an approved mask. This process will take a few weeks to complete.

For the very short term, we suggest that you wear your Copperline mask and then wear a disposable surgical mask or FFP2 mask in public transport. The antiviral protection with the destruction of the Covid-19 viruses, which the approved masks do not have, comes through the Copperline mask. Thus one has a double protective function. As soon as you have left the public transport, you can put the cover mask back in your pocket. Until certification one has to make do with this intermediate state.

So that you can equip yourself adequately with surgical and FFP2 masks, we will make them available to you in our webshop as soon as possible. If you already need larger quantities of personal protective equipment, please send us a message using our contact form.

Of course, politics had to resolve the issue in a big way. We can understand that you cannot publicly represent a mask or mask type that is in the price category of a copperline mask due to the high-quality antiviral raw materials, although it is known to everyone who deals with the topic by destroying the viruses represents the better solution.


We are still completely convinced that the Coppermask can successfully counteract COVID-19 and are doing all we can to ensure that you can wear a Coppermask anytime and anywhere.


We thank you for your continued support. Stay healthy!

Your Copperline Europe team

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What sizes of the mask are there?

What certificates does the mask have?

The Copperline Mask has one over a period of two years large number of certificates which cover many areas: from the filter function to the absence of harmful substances, and from the green production method to frequent washability.

The mask was developed in South Korea, next to Japan as High technology country applies in the Asian hemisphere. Accordingly, the certificates are issued by the Korean equivalents of our European institutes that award the CE seal of approval etc.

The mask has one Approval in Australia, in the U.S.A. is Copperline "F.D.A. registered", that means registration with the American health authorities. For Europe has applied for a CE seal of approval and in progress, due to the high workload of laboratories in connection with the pandemic, the results are expected to be released in December 2020.

The existing 24 certificates can be found here at an overview. Please click on the arrows left or right to navigate.


How do I wash my Copperline mask?

What is the insert filter good for?

The insert filter

Unfortunately, filters are currently not available due to high demand,
we will inform you here when deliveries are on the way again.  


The insert filter always leads to a number of questions, so we take some space here to explain that. See also the application information below.

  • The insert filter is not required for the mask to function. The mask works without a filter. The mask is made of a special copper thread, and this thread has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses (including the Covid-19 virus).

  • The filter was developed for the Asian markets where people often wear filter masks to protect themselves against smog in city centers. It is also used so that lipstick, make-up, etc. do not contaminate the mask when worn once and so that the frequency of washing can be reduced.  

  • The mask cannot be compared directly with the so-called "OP masks" or "FFP2 masks". The latter two 'only' have a filter function, but are otherwise passive and do not destroy the virus like our Copperline mask. Our mask also has a filter function that without Insert filter is above the surgical mask and below the FFP2 mask.

  • Our insert filter increases the filtration in all three relevant areas to 99.6 percent (or more), i.e. both for bacterial filter performance (BFE), viral filter performance (VFE) and dust-particle filter performance (PFE). The filter performance is thus above the filter performance of the other mask types mentioned. Due to the mask shape (half mask vs. insert filter), the results are only partially comparable. Again to explain, because this repeatedly led to queries: In addition to the filter performance, our mask has virus and bacteria-destroying properties.  

If you have any further questions, please send us an email. We can explain the individual filter performance to you very precisely.



Can I use the mask while exercising?

The mask is ideal for sports. Almost all users find that the mask is great for breathing. Due to the stable, yet soft material with a firm fit, the mask goes well with all movements, does not flutter and does not bother most people at all when doing sports. We not only tested in the studio, but also on long jogging routes in the park and on long bike and inline rides. Due to the antibacterial function, breath and sweat bacteria are odorless and lead to a significantly fresher feeling of breath even after long periods of wear. The masks are also well suited for ball sports due to their robust design. No thin ribbons that tear, no sudden sliding up in front of the eyes when changing movements in a duel for the ball. It was not for nothing that the American armed forces in Southeast Asia decided on Copperline; Even there, readiness for action is required at all times for demanding activities, e.g. for emergency support.

How long will my Copperline mask last?

The mask keeps its effect permanently. One of the wonderful properties of copper ions is that they do not wear out in their antimicrobial effect - this is the property of killing bacteria and rendering viruses harmless. In principle, you can use the mask permanently. We had the mask tested in the laboratory and after 30 washes it still had the same effect as when it was first used. We would have liked to have washed the mask 60 or 90 times, but the laboratory offered a maximum of 30 washes for their test series, as this is the maximum that other manufacturers want to test.

In practice, the mask will be replaced at some point when the fabric has become a bit unsightly. On the ear loops, the fabric is no longer three-ply, but only two-ply, so that the material hugs the auricles more softly and comfortably. As a result, the material there is also more elastic and will at some point expand a little over time (this is the reason why we recommend choosing the smaller size if you are unsure about the right size). But this is all very individual and depends, among other things, on the frequency of washing. One can certainly assume that it will be worn for several months.

How expensive is the mask compared to 'normal masks'?

Let's compare the price of a Copperline mask with the price of alternative masks. It is important to explain that this comparison is not about medical respiratory masks, but about the use of all masks as community masks that protect us in everyday life.

We look forward to this comparison. Normal masks are "passive" masks, they differ in their particle filter performance, but "do nothing". A Copperline mask is an «active» mask and destroys bacteria and viruses. In this respect, both types of masks are not easy to compare with one another. But if you want to compare the price per day for the duration of wearing, you get the following results:

  • A Copperline mask costs 39 euros.  
  • If you buy simple mouth and nose protective covers for the same amount, 39 euros, you get the recommended wearing time of 3-4 hours per mask (ie 2 masks per day for simplicity) and at a comparatively low assumed price of 0.50 euros per MNS mask for a period of 39 days.
  • If you compare the more complex FFP2 masks and assume a comparatively low price of 2.50 euros, you can buy 15 FFP2 masks for the amount of a Copperline mask. Due to the shortage of masks during the pandemic, the recommendations for the recommended wearing time vary (alternating with another, then dry FFP2 mask after a few hours). If you generously assume for our price comparison that the mask is worn four times for the recommended period of a maximum of half a day, this means that the 15 masks will be used up in 30 days.

We know very well that we have set very low prices for the prices of the comparable products in the current pandemic environment. However, we deliberately wanted to use a calculation that might not be that advantageous for us, because even with these assumptions, which are unfavorable for Copperline, it clearly shows that Copperline is not expensive, but cheap.

In summary, the Copperline mask is also financially worthwhile after 30 days (compared to FFP2 masks) or after 39 days (compared to the much less protective disposable mouth and nose protective covers). The actual wearing time is expected to be significantly longer and in the range of several months.

Not considered at all in such price comparisons - as is so often the case - is the environment and the continuous consumption of raw materials as well as the polluting waste production of the disposable masks. Of course, the Copperline mask scores again.